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As our name implies, we are here for you, young professionals and scholars in order to help develop your scientific career. Journal article publication, book publication, publication support services, and interactive classes are some of the things we can do for you.

With us, you can publish the best scientific works through our national and international journals. Our journals have various scientific scopes. Starting from management science, business, economics, accounting, banking, sociology, psychology, education, communication, to political science.

In order to support quality publications, we also provide a variety of services. Turnitin, statistical data processing, translation and proofreading, and journal templates are some of the services we offer.
We also provide interactive classes on the creation and publication of scientific papers that present professional speakers in their respective fields.

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Translate & Proofreading

Young Scholar Professionals provide translation services for scientific articles at affordable costs. In addition, Young Scholar Professionals also provide proofreading services

Publication of National and International Journals

We provide services for publication of reputable journals, both nationally and internationally. This mentoring program will be directly guided by academics and professional researchers

Templates and Submit Articles for Journals

Each Journal has a template which is the style of writing articles. The template contains guidelines for authors in writing articles for our journal, namely the format regarding the type

Statistical Data Processing Service

Scholarly Young Professionals provide statistical data processing services by providing consulting services and statistical data processing for students, students, business entities and society in general.

Mendeley Service

We provide services for making bibliography and citations according to a standardized format for writing theses, theses, dissertations and scientific articles.

Turnitin Service

We provide similiarity checking services for scientific works using Turnitin plagiarism software. This software is software that is often used by academics for scientific work in the form of theses, theses, etc.


Training and Workshop


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